Improve your delivery capabilities with an agile, quality driven approach

Our lightweight, easy-to-adopt frameworks help bring teams together, balance competing project demands and ensure quality across multiple features.

ChallengeCurve team

Improve delivery capabilities with our CurveQA framework

CurveQA is a framework comprising a set of templates, lightweight processes, accelerators and other collateral to quickly increase your productivity and maturity.

Results Based Focus

Adopt a quality driven approach to acheive your business goals

To achieve this you must have measurable goals, testable acceptance criteria and appropriate use of frameworks, design patterns and standards. Our CurveQA framework provides the structure upon which your Agile or Feature teams are geared for success.

We enable your teams to:

  • Challenge user requirements to ensure they are concise enough for developers to code from
  • Challenge software architects & developers & ensure they are using appropriate designs and producing maintanable code
  • Ensure the delivery release cadence is maintained

Balance competing project demands with a light-weight Agile approach

Organisations need to innovate and deliver change more quickly with confidence and implement regulatory change more efficiently.

True Agility comes when people are clear on the goals, how they are going to achieve those goals and being equipped to confidently implement those goals. Uncertainty and ambiguity cause delays, increase costs and impact quality. ChallengeCurve will provide coaching and help you implement an Agile framework which is tailored to your business goals. Alternatively, we can assess your current Agile setup to identify areas for improvement.


Ensure quality across all feature teams

We work across all teams to ensure good QA practices are being adopted - this ranges from having clear User Stories and 'testable'
acceptance criteria through to having clear processes on how code is promoted across the pipeline.


Test early and launch your software with confidence

Quality Assurance means that we start from day one to ensure there are clear requirements which feed into the life-cycle, which in turn leads to better code and better solutions.

Who we’ve worked with

Proudly supporting industry leaders and innovators

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Who we’ve worked with

"ChallengeCurve is our dedicated QA partner and their practical, hands-on approach is a testament to the years they’ve been in the business. They are a pleasure to work with and feel like part of our own team. We can always count on them to help us meet our goals."

Patrick Lynch
CEO and founder BioLedger

“ChallengeCurve helped us finalise and submit our Banking Licence Regulatory Business Plan for UK regulation. They also implemented our quality assurance and testing strategy, and we successfully entered the model office for the first stage of obtaining a bank license with restrictions (AWR).  Chris Bean and his team were able to quickly adapt to the constantly changing environment and collaborated well with our executive team to support our business goals.”

Hubert Knapp

Test early, Launch Confident

We provide a full spectrum of Quality Assurance & Software Testing services to ensure that your business critical applications are fit for purpose and have quality built in from day one.